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Employment & Industrial Lawyers in Brisbane in Qld

Our employment law lawyers in Brisbane, QLD are renowned for providing assistance to employees and employers when it comes to protecting rights in the workplace. We have been at the forefront of employment law in Australia for 40 years, ensuring that no matter who you are your rights are protected at work.

The reputation of our employment lawyers has allowed us the privilege of representing our clients on some of the country’s most interesting and challenging employment issues at all levels of the justice system, including a number of High Court challenges.

At Sciaccas Lawyers, our industrial relations lawyers have the skills and knowledge to represent employers and employees in the following areas:

  • preparation, perusal or enforcement of employment contracts;
  • your rights to receive or pay redundancy;
  • termination rights relating to unfair dismissal or unlawful termination;
  • workplace discrimination – related to unfair treatment based on sex; age; disability or impairment; pregnancy; family or carer’s responsibilities; marital status; race; union activity; religion; sexual orientation; political belief or activity; personal association; or because you made a complaint or inquiry about your employment;
  • restraint of trade clauses and ability of enforcement;
  • sexual harassment;
  • bullying in the workplace;
  • representation relating to disciplinary action – for employers assistance through the process from investigation to result and for employees assistance with dealing with the allegations; and
  • adverse action claims;

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