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Sciaccas have been obtaining favourable outcomes for workers regarding all matters concerning their rights at work since the firms inception in 1970.

Through its affiliations with the Unions and their members, Sciaccas has developed a reputation which is second to none in terms of acting for and protecting the rights of workers.

Sciaccas Lawyers is renowned for providing assistance to Employees and Employers when it comes to protecting rights in the workplace. We are compensation law experts.


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Workplace accidents

Sciaccas have expert workplace injury lawyers in Brisbane who can provide advice for those needing legal help in Queensland.

Workers compensation

Workers’ compensation lawyers in Brisbane, QLD Sciaccas have expert workers compensation lawyers ….

Motor vehicle accidents

Sciaccas have expert motor vehicle accident lawyers in Brisbane who can provide advice for those needing legal help in Queensland.

Public liability

If you have been injured in a public place and the injury has arisen as a result of an act or omission of a third party you may be entitled.

Employment and industrial lawyers in Brisbane, QLD

Protecting rights in the workplace.

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