❝Thank you for having the courage to put on the gloves and take on one of the thousands of rounds I fight every second without a break...❞

Ganesh Selva – Feedback TestimonialCIRCUMSTANCES happened for us to meet, and because of your belief in the law for the duty of a lawyer, knew the law, honoured it with nothing but truth and morals… you became our voice, a voice for a broken little someone like me, while others said why would you bother Ganesh?

You put your whole name and reputation on the line, and one knows how SACRED ones name is, especially in the dealing of this matter. I feel you taught everyone involved a few valuable lessons to why you do what you do, and did! It also reminded other to remember the basics of their duty. But now you have mostly likely prevented this sort of thing happening to other and they just might avoid that deep dark crazy place that await my-self daily.

May your co-workers and all who know your name, have a new profound respected for your work but mostly for the trust, principles, instinct and standing up as a man as if you were wearing my shoes, the ones I still wear.

Thank you for having the courage to put on the gloves and take on one of the thousands of rounds I fight every second without a break, without a ref….. Proud you were able to get the bell to ring for that bout, and having truth and just who you are is now etched beneath my skin. For ever a champion, a true champion, much love from (no name needed as you won’t ever forget this one, or will they!)

Ganesh Selva

❝I always knew you would make your best endeavours to resolve all the stressful... situations that arose...❞

Conrad Freeman – Feedback TestimonialWell, here we are at the end of a long, and sometimes torturous road. The balance of the fees is in Helen’s account and I have received the final documentation from Jenny. It only remains for me to settle Kim Daniel’s account, which I will do as soon as she sends me the latest invoice.

I am not sorry that it is all over as it has not been without some repercussions. For years I managed to avoid Doctors but have been on medication for a stomach complaint for around the past twelve months. After a real flare up of the situation I was told that I had a heart problem and have been put on medication for that. My GP will arrange for me to see a cardiac Consultant in the near future. I obviously cannot make a positive link between my situation and the stress of making Helen’s claim, but I cannot help feeling that there is some connection between the two.

What we are all endeavouring to do is to continue to concentrate on Helen as we seek to improve the quality of her life, as things have changed little since December 2010.

I find it difficult to encapsulate all that you and I have been through during the past years. Yes, on 17 September it will be 13 years since that morning we got the dreadful phone call in the middle of the night. It would have been nice if we could have met in different circumstances but I was confident from the very beginning that you were the ideal person to represent Helen. My first impressions have been confirmed over time and I know that Helen has had the best legal representation and advice possible. In the early days, Suncorp was very supportive and met Helen’s needs adequately. It was only when the claim was submitted and a certain person·became involved, that things turned nasty. Nevertheless, you continued to support Helen, through me, and I always knew that you would make your best endeavours to resolve all the stressful, and often needless, situations that arose.

It was never going to be easy with half the world separating us. Communication was difficult and I found it easier to make a quick phone call to Harrowells, although they did not have all the answers. However, we persevered and overcame all the difficulties.

Now it is all over I do have an empty feeling. I think that we did our best for Helen in difficult circumstances. I was aware that no insurance company roles over when it comes to settling a claim and I was prepared for them to argue the causal link between the accident and Helen’s situation at the time the claim was submitted. What shocked me most was their claim that Helen was shamming. As I said originally, and repeat today, if only that was true I would be able to get back the daughter who left for Australia. Sadly, this Is not the case. I do not think that there were winners and losers. I would liken it to watching a dreary, and sometimes bad tempered, rugby match when all you want to hear is the final whistle which brings everything to a conclusion and allows everyone to go their separate ways taking with them their own mixed feelings.

Looking at things from a difficult angle it must be remembered that a woman died in the accident and the consequences could also have been worse for us. I have got to say that I reached the lowest point in my life as the plane took off from Heathrow taking us out to Helen whilst she was still in intensive care. At least Helen was still with us at that stage and we had some hope, which is more than can be said for the the family of that poor woman. Thankfully, Helen pulled through and on arrival in Hervey Bay we found that Angie was not as badly injured as we had first been told.
Conrad, you have been marvellous throughout we simply could have not managed without you. You have been professional, efficient and provided valued advice just when it was needed. I know that it is not always wise for professionals to get too close to their clients but in this case we have always felt we had more than just a client relationship. You have not been without problems. You shared these with us and we felt for you deeply at that time. Our hope is that your situation has improved and that life is now more settled for you.

Beryl sends her love and best wishes and asks that you do not lose contact completely. You know that you will be very welcome to visit us should you come over to the UK at any time in the future. For my part, I will try to keep in touch, if it is only to bask in the glory of the Lions ravaging the Aussies next year!

A simple “thank you” does not seem enough, but you should know that this encompasses a wealth of feeling and gratitude that no words could ever express. I have looked behind our professional relationship and have found a warm and caring person. For this I also thank you.

Conrad Freeman

❝Everything you did for me changed my family’s life for the better.❞

Ganesh Selva – Feedback TestimonialEverything you did for me changed my family’s life for the better.

I have owned a property now for 12months and used the money wisely I think. My back still hurts but it’s not the end of the world that’s for sure.

Ganesh Selva

❝Keep fighting for the little guy.❞

Ganesh Selva – Feedback TestimonialThanks again for everything you and Maria did for my family. Life is settled now; it was a hell of a journey. Take care and keep fighting for the little guy.

Ganesh Selva

❝Not only my legal representative, but a friend...❞

Ganesh Selva – Feedback TestimonialI would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for being not only my legal representative, but a friend throughout this long an [sic] tedious process. It’s not always been easy and if I offended you at any stage I offer my sincere apologies. Thank you again Ganesh and best wishes to you and your family.

Ganesh Selva

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